redundo mondo – help is at hand

now this is my kinda doctor – dr work @ guardian

business factsheets @ learndirect

can one move from business to the arts? the guardian has the answer

business link – practical advice for businesses – sounds good to me mate

this book will help you find your path in life – so says dr work – the work we were born to do

cambridge careers service is appaz v useful – let’s see

skillset – for ££$$$£££$$$$ creative funding – yum

ch4 jobby

gardy’s redundo advice FYI

god is good – christians against poverty debt advice




too good



i like the word supine – how apt

would love to knit yarn the way i knit words

liminality – how very chinstrokey

i love a good panegyric – i really do….

feel free to party at my new pad – you’re wellcome

this made me feel good – thanks grrrrrrrl

pervy photos hipster within

i’m not alone, it’s official love is as rare as hen’s teeth

i like this girl – she’s the antithesis of her obnoxious moniker

talking bout a revolution – yeah grrrrrrrl




hello there

so it transpires i have escaped the gloomy breezeblock bastion of beelzebub which i am incongruosly forced to call home; that concrete citadel whose angry architecture taunts me daily; and found my own ‘paris’ a shining idyll of ideas, idiosyncracy and excellent haddock pies – The Wellcome Collection.

i sit here flanked by moleskines and cupcakes and a gaggle of other curious intellectuals seeking refuge from a brash and uncouth world, or rather a decent place to rinse wifi in peace. anyhoo i cannot be bothered to witter away endlessly, my stomach’s much much much to full for mindless musing –  FYI i’ve just devoured the most scrumptious haddock pie ever handsomely accompanied by pleasing hunks of butternut squash salad and a wantonly decadent coleslaw.

i’m just here to check in with my much missed diary and get the fingers going and the noodle flowing… since i last wrote i’ve been ***WAARGH I WANT A FAG TO DIGEST MY FOOD but the upheaval of packing up all of my wahalla, carting it outside only to stand listlessly in the freezing cold for 5minutes is too much to bare *** mostly illin’, chillin’ and fillin’… in for lost time with much-missed chums.

oof it would appear my attention has wandered once again, no time to gather my online bearings for i must quit this palace of knowledge forthwith in order to go home and change from my badly drawn boy garb into something more befitting a fabulous art opening – chris ofili at the tate no less! a fellow naija to boot – toot toot!






i want a mixed race baby



to watch Cecil B DeMille’s ‘The Sign of The Cross’ and eventually work my way through his EPIC filmography.

been a fan of his biblical extravaganzas since i was little…


i also want to watch films that reference german expressionism – Hitchock, Fritz Lang…etc



interesting… esp given the creative hub workspace/japanese style rent-a-space idea i had yonks ago – so there is a market for peripatetic professionals…


timeout’s top picks

i want this to be my new home


reckon beautiful bon might like it here




dan from miranda’s party told me about these lot Bo Ningen and Bunny Brains

kev’s ting

chapter sweetheart – swoon

francoise hardy yah

butterface – music for bad girls >>>  RAD BLOG

manara’s mix @ discobelle



p.s. i LOVE me a wigga – white rappers 4evz

http://best.complex.com/lists/The-White-Rapper-Encyclopedia and while we’re at it


also loving LOVE mag’s blog

hipster record label no misnomer here – terrible records

must go to the windmill soon

turkish music >>> turkish food http://www.zshare.net/download/71087743119eab83/

lydia lunch

i like caitlin moran

caitlin likes internetz slang

i love the 90s

brilliant photos of chinese youth culture

the internet is a scary place mehn & facebook ain’t safebook

i want to make these

maybe i could learn here http://www.lcc.arts.ac.uk/courses/52269.htm#


time to start thiking about festivalsssssssss

i wanna go to THIS

been reading waaaaaaaaay too much about this recently:

always knew italians did it better – italo disco is my new fave