despite having not snoozed all day and going to bed at a sensible-ish time slumber has eluded me this evening save for a few stolen hours at midnight.

chose to snooze on my bedroom floor, the noise abberation brought about by my mother’s return from church put me in a decidely bad mood, interuppting as it did my new jumpsuit sashaying session. a few hours of doubled-up dozing and i found myself outside the gates of nod bemused and befuddled. after crawling in with dear mama the cruel mistress of snoozing was being coy and thus tiredness gave way to a flurry of ideas.

ALARM BELLS alert: please dear god let this not be the start of another “sleep is boring” spiral of mania… i just can’t deal with another blowout. no more spending money like warra, no more brawling like sailor and no more drinking like a fish AND no more preposterous and unfounded declarations of supremacy.

in fairness the ideas that were skipping around my head shakily like nobbly-kneed fawn were far from grandiose and rather practical.

(alas i remember that’s how it all started last time, next thing you know i was on some rick james “i’m rich bitch” vibe straight cold blooded and acting like a GODDAMN fool)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand breathe

back to the matter in hand

the moment of ellucidation was actually rather brilliant for i remembered my love radio and also that it is a few months away from the next round of bbc radio doc commissioning (which like christmas comes but once a year, pfft) and so i’d do well to come up with some fresh pitches that i could perhaps shop to somethin’ else (with tail firmly between legs of course)

this in turn led me to remember JUST how much i love documentaries and my long held faciscination with how other people live, beyond noseyness this is nigh on a full blown obsession. i’m a born voyeur, which is probably what makes me so anxious as i’m constantly surveying what’s going on – i can’t help it. so doc making could be a wonderful POSITIVE use of my eagle eyes dontcha think?

and it’s definitely a true passion, people-watching is one of my greatest loves.

allowing me to feel part of the world but from a safe distance. connected yet sepearate like a magnet hovering in a forcefield. wow clunky phrase alert – ah well i’ve only had 3hours sleep so tis to be expected.

not to mention that my brain has only just returned from a 6month vacation in the depths of hell, a little readjustment time is to be expected.

right. so i must act on this newfound passion and devise a way for it to interlock into all of my other passions, plans and preposterous ideas. gotta get it all n’sync and connect the dots so i don’t feel torn or lost and instead i finally embark on realising my potential. YUK. hate that phrase.

if i make it all work out i shall treat myself to a flip camera, or hoof one… whichever’s easiest.

my leg is jigging as though its being humped by a rabid yorkshire terrier YUK. make. it . stop.

hmmm what other marvellous plans came to mind in the middle of the night????

surely there was more…

hmmm that’ll do for now.



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