i slept for 12 hours last night at it was glorious. however i’ve noticed that i’ve not had a proper dream in ages. i miss them. flights of fancy where your mind is truly allowed to run amok. this is probably because my mind’s been running amok waaaaaaaay to much when i’m awake and takes the opportunity to have a breather whilst i sleep. i don’t begrudge her that. poor lamb.

been trying to will myself to the gym for the past hour and a half and having discovered that i do not possess the power to teleport – major bummer – i’m going to pick myself up and GO. i will not, repeat NOT, simply make another cup of tea and eat a blueberry muffin whilst perusing more useless ephemera on the net – 47 tabs and counting – FML.

at present i’m blogging from the bog. i seem unable to leave this blasted laptop alone. it’s like an electronic edition of the never-ending story and i can’t put it down. it’s though it’s been welded to my thighs. like the flab that encases them it shows no signs of going anywhere without EXTREME WILLPOWER on my part.

i’m going to excercise this now. wish me luck.